Blog entries of LIIA’s experts

Deputy Director of the LIIA Kārlis Bukovskis in his blog entry endeavors to answer questions pertaining to David Cameron’s speech on the British future in the EU: Is David Cameron “the next Charles de Gaulle”? Will he push the EU to the edge of a new “Empty Chair Crisis”?

LIIA Associate Fellow Ilvija Bruģe in her blog entry “About the flags” analyzes ongoing tensions between the Irish (catholic and republican) and the British (protestant and loyalist) in Northern Ireland.

LIIA Fellow Raimonds Rublovskis has made a number of contributions pertaining to the defense industry, institutional challenges and wider security issues with his four blog entries: NATO Challenges in Post-Chicago Security EnvironmentInstitutional Challenges of Latvian National Armed Forces, Future Challenges for European Members of NATO and Impact on the Transatlantic Link in the post-Chicago Security Environment, Challenges for Russia in Current Global Security Environment. Implications for the Baltic States.

LIIA Associate Fellow Tjaco Van den Hout in his blog entry – An Example Worthy of Consideration – provides an assessment of the territorial and maritime dispute between Croatia and Slovenia. In his second analysis, Tjaco Van den Hout argues that without freedom of expression the other basic human rights are more easily violated and impunity reigns.

LIIA Fellow Diāna Potjomkina over the last month has continued to provide analysis on various EU topics. In her first blog entry Diāna evaluates negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In her second blog entry she outlines the provisional outcomes of the EU multiannual budget negotiations for Latvia – a publication originally prepared for the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Bulletin on European and CIS Studies. EU Budget 2014 – 2020: Views from across Europe after 7-8 February 2013.

LIIA Associate Fellow Imants Liegis, who has taken up his duties as Latvia’s Ambassador to Hungary in September 2012 shared his reflections on the Visegrad Cooperation.

The LIIA’s Associate Fellow Māris Andžāns has evaluated the first cybersecurity strategy of the EU – “Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union: An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace” – and its implications for Latvia. Please find the blog entry here.