Blog post: “Conference on the future of Europe: ‘Civic participation’ is not enough” (IEP, Germany)

Blog Post, der (europäische) Föderalist: Conference on the future of Europe: “Civic participation” is not enough

 The question of how the conference on the future of Europe should look like is still open, but some outlines are already taking shape. The focus of the discussion has gradually been shifting in recent months. In the beginning it was primarily a matter of discussing specific institutional reforms, but now it seems like the conference will be addressing a much broader range of topics. While there was initially a lot of talk about whether the conference could be the start of a formal contract alteration, this question has now been almost completely replaced by a debate on the participation of European citizens at the conference. Manuel Müller analyzes these changes on the blog The (European) federalist, and urges not to lose sight of the goal of institutional reform.

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