Book projects at FIIA (FIIA, Finland)

Senior Research Fellow Ryhor Nizhnikau has written a book entitled EU Induced Institutional Change in Post-Soviet Space Promoting Reforms in Moldova and Ukraine (Routledge, 2018). The book analyses the role of the European Union in the process of institutional change in its Eastern neighbourhood. It provides a presentation of the political and economic problems of Ukraine and Moldova and explains how the EU policies promote rule persistence or contribute to institutional change on the examples of migration and environment protection sectors.

Senior Research Fellow Antto Vihma has published, together with foresight analyst Hannu-Pekka Ikäheimo (Sitra) and journalists Olli Seuri (Yle) and Jarno Hartikainen (HS), a monograph entitled Totuuden jälkeen (Teos). The book is in Finnish and presents an analytical framework on post-truth, and five case studies focusing on Finnish journalism.

Senior Research Fellow Mikael Wigell and Programme Director Mika Aaltola together with Sören Scholvin (University of Hanover) have edited a book Geo-economics and Power Politics in the 21st Century: The Revival of Economic Statecraft (Routledge, 2018). Starting from the key concept of geo-economics, the book investigates the new power politics and argues that the changing structural features of the contemporary international system are recasting the strategic imperatives of foreign policy practice.

Senior Research Fellows Wolfgang Mühlberger and Toni Alaranta are editing a volume entitled “Political Narratives in the Middle East and North Africa – Perceptions of Instability and Conceptions of Order” (Springer) that will be published in the recently established series “Perspectives on Development in the MENA Region” in mid-2019. Its purpose is to combine theoretical and empirical reflections on questions of order and disorder in the Middle East and North Africa with the concept of political narratives. The goal-oriented character and the impact of such narratives will be gauged by renowned subject matter experts on three levels: non-state actors, regional powers and global players.