“Borderscapes: Securitarian Production, Experience and (im)mobility (Spain, Europe and Latin America)”, Ignacio Mendiola and José Ángel Brandariz (CIDOB, Spain)

Borders contain and roll-out securitarian logic of control that embodies the potential of state power to produce social stratifications and regulate processes of membership and exclusion.

Issue 122 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals offers two novel perspectives on the subject: a) certain aspects of the border regime are analysed that have had limited examination in the social sciences field – such as study of the effects of the EU’s so-called internal borders; and b) as bordering is garnering attention in various academic fields the desire is expressed to establish interdisciplinary dialogue about borders and their management regimes. Out of this dialogue, the border is addressed as a space and process that aims to regulate, monitor and condition mobility within a discursive framework that repeatedly reinforces security rhetoric.

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