“Brexit and the Future of European Energy Integration: The Stakes”, Margherita Bianchi, Alessandro Valentini (IAI, Italy)

Margherita Bianchi, Alessandro Valentini, Brexit and the Future of European Energy Integration: The Stakes, IAI Commentaries, 18:64, IAI, November 2018.

 With just four months to go before the EU-UK divorce deadline, uncertainty surrounding the implications of Brexit remains high. Out of the many issues that remain to be clarified, Brexit’s impact on European energy integration should not be overlooked.

In the context of an expanding European climate and energy policy framework, the two parties need to agree on a number of energy and climate related policies and tools, from market access to energy security and convergence over decarbonisation plans. The EU’s forward-looking cooperation on climate and energy policies, standards and infrastructures have played a role in keeping energy costs down and supporting a low-carbon transition.


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