“Brexit: Can Parliament Take Control?”, Brendan Donnelly (The Federal Trust, UK)

“Brexit: Can Parliament Take Control?”, Brendan Donnelly, January 2019

Brendan Donnelly reviews the consequences of the defeat in Parliament of the Prime Minister’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement. He argues that Parliament will have to generate a genuine alternative to “no deal”, and create a consensus behind it, if it wishes to avert a chaotic and catastrophic “no deal” Brexit.

It is significant and appropriate that the Conservative MPs who voted on 15th January against the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union should have been drawn from opposing wings of her Party. While the majority of her internal opponents came from the European Research Group, some came from a very different part of the political spectrum, like Dominic Grieve and Justine Greening, who favour a new referendum with the option to remain in the EU. The 2016 referendum was largely a product of divisions within the Conservative Party and the conduct of the Brexit negotiations has been dominated by the internal manoeuvrings within the Party. The Prime Minister’s attempts to please everyone within her fractious Party during the Brexit negotiations have ended up pleasing very few Conservative MPs outside the ranks of her government, members of which are bound to support her in a public vote.

You can read the rest of the paper here: http://fedtrust.co.uk/brexit-can-parliament-take-control/