“Brexit: ”No deal” is still on the table”, Brendan Donnelly (The Federal Trust, UK)

 Brendan Donnelly, Brexit: ”No deal” is still on the table, March 2018

 Brendan Donnelly argues that Brexit with “no deal” remains a real possibility and that time is running out for Parliament to act effectively in the Brexit process.

It is frequently claimed that the central flaw of the 2016 European referendum was its failure to clarify the nature of the Brexit for which Leave voters were voting. There is some truth in this analysis, but it does not precisely capture the inadequacy of the result as a basis for subsequent action. Many, probably most, Leave voters had a clear idea of what they thought they were voting for: maintenance of the economic benefits of EU membership, coupled with the disappearance of the legal and political obligations arising from that membership. The Leave campaign spent much time and effort presenting this seductive and dishonest prospectus to the electorate. […]

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