Briefing Note on the ‘Culture Strand of the Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020’, Institute for International Relations (IMO), September 2012

Note was been requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education and was done by the researchers from the Institute for International Relations – IMO: Colin Mercer, Nina Obuljen, Jaka Primorac and Aleksandra Uzelac. The publication was issued in September 2012 and it has provided analytical, conceptual, and policy commentary on the proposed Culture Strand of the Creative Europe Programme. Briefing Note takes into account all available commentary on this Programme from both official sources and a wide range of stakeholders, including published results of consultation and follow up discussions with key actors in the field by IMO research team. The focus is on both the plausibility and cogency of the overall policy architecture and on key points of acknowledged concern.

The Note is available at the European Parliament studies page.