Call for Abstracts: “COVID-19 and People on the Move – Prospects for Reshaping the Norms of Human Mobility in the European Union’s Migration Management” (IESIR, Slovakia)

This is a call for abstract to the 2021 PhD Lead Workshop on Norms and Values, organized by the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), held online via Zoom on April 28th -29th. The workshops are led by PhD students, but participants at any academic level are welcome to submit abstracts.

The global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic exposed fragilities of the European Union (EU) system of norms that regulate both internal and external migration policies. Similar to some national authorities of the EU Member States that used temporary reintroduction of border controls within the Union to introduce exceptional measures and foster illiberal practices, some EU countries started to implement a new strategy to reject people on the move who attempted to reach the EU. Guided by the efforts to deter migrants from coming to Europe, the health emergency was used to declare the frontline states as not “safe places” for migrants. However, although reintroduction of border controls inside the EU remained an instance of exceptional measure, militarization of its external border has appeared to be a consistent practice since the outbreak of the migration crisis in 2015. Even those migrants and refugees who managed to reach the EU territory have in the middle of the pandemic been left in overcrowded facilities with poor sanitary conditions and without medical assistance. In this respect, the narrative about universality of norms and values that the EU promotes internally contradicts external realities and questions its identity as the humanitarian actor.

This call for abstracts welcomes papers focused on the nexus between norms and values and EU policy related to international migration and mobility, from different perspectives of legal research, international relations and European studies. Especially welcomed are cross-disciplinary papers which may provide insights or analysis of the impact of migration policy to human dignity, the incorporation and implementation of human dignity to EU external actions, and the security and justice regime of the EU. The full-length papers (max 20 000 characters) shall be submitted by 15 April 2021.

If you are interested in participating in a panel, please submit an abstract latest by January 25th 2021. The abstract should present your paper in no more than 300 words, as well as your name, title and affiliation. All proposals will be considered by the panel chairs, and selected abstracts will be notified by February 1st 2021.

Key dates
• Abstracts submission deadline: January 25th 2021
• Notification sent to participants: February 1st 2021
• Final submission of papers: April 15th 2021
• Workshops held on zoom: April 28th-29th 2021

If you have any questions regarding the panel, please contact the Panel Chair at

This workshop is organised by the IMISCOE funded research initiative on norms and values in migration and integration (NOVAMI) in collaboration with the H2020 project NoVaMigra (Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis) as well as the research schools of Global Politics and International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) at Malmö University.

Panel Chair:
Danijela Canji

The workshop organising committee consists of:
Caroline Adolfsson
Johan Ekstedt

Advisory committee:
Brigitte Suter
Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy
Michael Strange