Call for Abstracts: Navigating the Storm: The Challenges of Small States in Europe (NAS) International Workshop at the Institute for European Studies at the University of Malta


Small States and the Political Upheavals Related to Immigration

Small states have several strengths and weaknesses. The handling of immigration poses challenges to all states, but lacking resources small states may be experiencing more problems than larger ones. They also have different approaches to immigration which often leads to dissonance among them in multilateral fora – and most tangibly in recent years in the EU. In some small states immigration has led to a growth in Euroscepticism and the rise of populism. The aim of this workshop is to analyse the challenges of immigration from a small state perspective. There is no need to devote a lot of effort to the definition of a small state so that we remain focused on the subject of this workshop. The project leaders will decide whether a submitted abstract is in line with the objectives of the workshop or not. The focus is on European small states.

Abstracts are invited on any subject related to the topic. These can be from a single or cross-disciplinary perspective, by a sole or multiple authors.

The abstract must not be more than 500 words in length and must include a definite title, a short description of the topic and the contact details of the author(s).

These must be submitted by Friday 20 April 2018 at noon. They are to be addressed to Professor Roderick Pace, Institute for European Studies, University of Malta at

The final submission date of the paper which must not exceed 5,000 words, including references but excluding the bibliography, is 1 September 2018. Further details will be passed on to the authors of the accepted submissions in due course.

Organizers: The NAS project and the Institute for European Studies, University of Malta.

Date: Thursday 27 September 2018.

Venue: Institute for European Studies, University of Malta.