Call for Applications: “European and International Affairs Master’s Programme”, Deadline June 10 (CETEUS)

The Master of Arts in “European and International Affairs” offers its students a unique academic and professional experience through a two–year study program which is not only set in Istanbul – a metropolis which was and still is a home of many cultures – but also enables students to experience the most important and dynamic centers of European Politics, i.e. Brussels and Berlin, in both their academic, political and cultural facets. The first year is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach which provides future graduates with variety of perspectives for analyzing the European Integration process as well as developments dealing with International Affairs as students get the opportunity to engage in an in-depth analysis of contemporary European and International Politics, History, Law and Economics. Depending on their former expertise, students are able to deepen their understanding in their respective fields by interacting with a highly heterogeneous and qualified student body and well known teaching staff. The program as such receives its unique emphasis by its focus on both Turkey’s and Germany’s role in the European and International arena as well as study trips to Brussels and Berlin which is an essential element of the 2nd term. Here, participants have an exclusive chance to get into direct contact with national, European and International key actors.

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