Call for Applications: “Postdoctoral Fellowships”, Deadline August 26 (IIRPS, Lithuania)

Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, (IIRPS VU, Lithuania) encourages recent PhD graduates to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship. Postdoctoral Fellowships will be funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (RCL). It is a great opportunity for the young researchers to continue research in their field of interest while getting help from the leading scientists.

Conditions of the call:

  • Potential applicants – researchers that have a doctoral degree from a Lithuanian (except for Vilnius University) or foreign research and studies institution. Potential fellow’s dissertation should have been defended less than five years ago counting back from the date of the application submission.
  • Possible supervisors – researchers of the implementing institution (except the supervisor of the applicant’s dissertation)
  • Budget – up to EUR 100 000
  • Project duration – up to two years
  • The application must be submitted in English on system
  • Deadline for the submission of applications – 30 September, 2023. Estimated starting date of the projects – 15 January, 2024.

Detailed information on the rules and conditions of the call is available on the RCL website.

If you intend to apply, please contact Research Projects Coordinator Simona Vaškevičiūtė by 16 August, 2023. The Science and Research Department at the IIRPS VU will help you prepare the project budget and provide guidance during the application submission process.