Call for Applications: “Research assistant position, MORE project” (Sciences Po, France)

The Centre for European studies and comparative politics at Sciences Po seeks to appoint a research assistant – 6 month, part time 20% – in order to join the final phase of the work achieved as part the MORE Project (Horizon 2020), “Multi-modal Optimisation for Road-space in Europe”.

The MORE project is led by Pr. Peter Jones, University College London, and brings together an 18-partners’ consortium in order to

1) identify existing and future pressures on urban nodes that is, the roads that connect cities with the TEN-T network (Transport European Road Network),

2) and to develop design tools and processes that will enable these key routes to be made responsive to future pressures by exploiting possibilities for dynamic space management and operation. 

The CEE contributes to the MORE project as coordinator for work package 2, led by Dr. Charlotte Halpern. This work package seeks to provide an in-depth qualitative and comparative analysis of how governance and socio-political conflicts shape road space re-allocation across different political contexts in Europe (Budapest, Constanta, London, Lisbon and Malmö). Making use of limited space and capacity often implies changes in road space allocation as well as prioritising between different uses, modes and activities. Which actors initiate and shape debates about road space allocation? How and by whom is it translated into policies, regulations, planning practices, etc. and implemented? How are difficult trade-offs and compromises resolved across different contexts? To what extent are such changes city-led, as opposed to wider technologically-, economically- or socially-led processes of change?

During the last phase of the project, the main task will be to contribute to the dissemination of research findings towards academics and practitioners in MORE and outside the project. This includes contributing to the development of academic papers, two research policy briefs, the organization of a workshop and a poster. The person employed will be fully integrated in the CEE research team and the MORE consortium.

Applications should be sent by August 16, 2020.

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