Call for Applications: “Summer School for Journalists and Media Practitioners”, Deadline March 12 (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

Digitalisation has changed communication in modern society, affecting how individuals seek, access, impart and diffuse information, and the media business model itself. The amount and speed of information spread coupled with the new actors that have emerged, such as large online platforms, and AI applications, constitute some of the main features of this new information ecosystem.

The challenges associated with digital transformation and AI applications are now at the centre of national and EU policy agendas, as a new reference framework is being built to ensure respect for rights and EU values in this new ecosystem. In view of this critical moment for policymaking at national and EU levels, the 11th edition of the Summer School for Journalists and Media Practitioners aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities for journalism in the new information ecosystem from legal, economic, and socio-political perspectives.

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