Call for Experts: European CAF Resource Centre (EIPA, Maastricht)

As of 2000, EIPA has hosted the CAF Resource Centre – one of the largest EU communities of practice in the field of public sector quality and performance management. The Centre includes national correspondents from almost all EU Member States and over 3000 user organisations around the globe.

The new CAF2020 is the result of the intensive collaboration of this network, and we want to contribute to the implementation of the model in the national organisations, notably in the context of the EU ‘RECOVER’ and ‘REFORM’ agenda.

Think about whether you have been involved, at institutional or national level, in:

  • Designing CAF introduction roadmaps
  • Institutional performance management and assessment
  • CAF audit related activities
  • Further development of the CAF model

If you have, then we want to invite you to become a principal expert in the European Resource Centre.

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