Call for Expression of Interest: European Parliament List of Experts

The European Parliament is issuing a call for expression of interest in order to compile a list of experts to provide independent and on-hand external expertise for the Committee on Regional Development (REGI). Any expertise is subject to a corresponding request from the European Parliament relating to issues within the scope of the interest(s) and responsibilities of the Committee, which are:

  • The operation and development of the Union’s regional development and cohesion policy, as established in the Treaties;
  • The European Regional Development Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the other instruments of the Union’s regional policy;
  • Assessment of the impact of other Union policies on economic and social cohesion;
  • Coordination of the Union’s structural instruments;
  • The urban dimension of the cohesion policy;
  • Outermost regions and islands as well as trans-frontier and interregional cooperation;
  • Relations with the Committee of the Regions, interregional cooperation organisations and local and regional authorities.

Selection Criteria 

  • Experts should have a sound scientific/academic background with proven experience in research;
  • Experts must have at least six years of professional experience in scientific/academic research, including at least four years clearly related to research in the field of regional development and/or EU cohesion policy
  • Experts should have a publishing record in the specialised field, including publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and/or monographs accepted for publication after a similar review process.
  • Experts should have achieved scientific/academic distinction, clearly relating to research in the fields relevant to this call for expression of interest.

The list will be valid until 30 September 2019, and therefore applications may be submitted up to 3 months before the list expires. It is, of course, encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible.

The complete details of the call, including all information and objectives of the call, detailed eligibility requirements, and what and how to submit an application can be found here:

Call for Expression of Interest: to compile a list of scientific/academic experts to assist the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development (REGI)