Call for papers: “Cities in the era of globalisation: International municipalism and the right to the city” (CIDOB, Spain)

Issue 123 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals proposes to go deeper into the configuration, impact and limits of international municipalism, especially vis à vis the right to the city. To do this, rigorous contributions are sought that provide a response to some of these issues. Reflections may be based not only upon the experience of institutions (governments, multilateral organisations, city networks, etc.), but also on the alternatives promoted by social actors (movements, professional associations, unions, community organisations, etc.).

In addition, at a time when global politics is increasingly permeated by two trends – cities as new actors in international relations and the de-Westernisation of the global geopolitical system – this special issue also proposes using theoretical frameworks that go beyond modern/Western assumptions in order to encourage analysis that grasp the diversity of experiences and innovations existing at a global level.

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