Call for papers on Malta’s EU presidency

Call for papers for a book entitled “In the eye of the storm: Malta’s EU presidency – a study into a small state presidency of the Council of the EU”

What is this book about?

Malta embarked on the presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 January 2017. The Maltese priorities focus on six policy areas: 1. migration; 2. the single market; 3. security; 4. social inclusion; 5. Europe’s neighborhood; 6. maritime policy. The Institute for European Studies of the University of Malta invites resident and non-resident scholars and specialists to contribute to an analytical discussion of the main objectives and achievements of the Presidency, to be published in a peer-reviewed book at the end of 2017. Interested parties are invited to submit an abstract not exceeding 200 words describing how you would wish to structure your contribution. The abstract, which will receive individual feedback, will be discussed by the editorial board of this publication which is composed of Dr. Mark Harwood, Professor Roderick Pace and Dr. Stefano Moncada, all academic staff members of the Institute for European Studies.

How to Submit and Timeline of the Book

• Expressions of interest to contribute to the book shall consist of a 200 words abstract sent to:

• Deadline to submit the abstracts is the 15th June 2017.

• The abstract shall include: name, surname and affiliation of all the authors, and the contact details (which must include an email) of the corresponding author.

• The proposed deadline for the submission of the papers is 20th of September 2017.

• Following further peer reviews, the papers will be sent back for the final corrections and adjustments with a final submission deadline to ensure that the work can be published by end of 2017.

• These papers shall be formatted according to the book´s guidelines, details of which are included below.

More information can be found here: