Call for Papers: “International Colloquium – The Challenge of the Universal Basic Income in the EU: Which Funding Options? Who Benefits?”, Deadline September 15 (CIFE)

The European Union (EU) is facing a combination of profound changes, including ecological sustainability, demographic ageing, the digital economy, artificial intelligence and, due to the coronavirus, pandemics. It is therefore compelled to reflect on the mutation of its production model, its consumption model and, beyond that, its social model. It is in this context that an old project is resurfacing: the universal allowance or universal basic income. In an attempt to provide tools for understanding and decision-making about the UBI, CIFE organises an international colloquium and invites interested researchers to submit their paper proposal.

In an attempt to provide tools for understanding and decision-making, the colloquium will propose two workshops:

Workshop 1 – Monday 29 November, 14.00–17.30 h: How can the universal basic income be sustainably financed in the EU-27?

Workshop 2 – Tuesday 30 November, 9.30–13.00 h: The modalities of eligibility to the universal basic income.

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