Call for Papers: L’Europe en formation, Deadline June 30 (CIFE)

The biannual scientific journal L’Europe en formation invites would-be contributors to submit proposals for a forthcoming thematic issue on the Covid-19 crisis and democracy in Europe: Revealing, destabilizing, transforming? to be published at the end 2021.

The thematic issue of “l’Europe en formation” shall inquire into the following questions:

  • The resilience of European democracies in the face of the Covid-19 crisis
  • Separation of powers under the circumstances of the crisis
  • Crisis responses of federal and centralized states
  • The crisis response capacity of the EU
  • Changes in intergovernmental/transnational decision-making processes resulting for the crisis.
  • Populist movements and the Covid-19 crisis
  • The impact of scientific expertise on policy-making
  • Perspectives for a European health policy harnessed by the crisis

Contributions are accepted from researchers and practitioners from all fields of social sciences, and can be written in English or French. Interdisciplinary contributions are encouraged, as well as theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches.

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