Call for Papers: Sino-European relations (CIFE)

Relations with China are of increased significance for the EU. The realisation of the Belt and Road Initiative has created both opportunities and challenges for Brussels in its effort to benefit by investments and liquidity but also achieve a level playing field in negotiations with Beijing. The launch of the EU-Asia Connectivity Strategy mirrors the European interest to maximise benefits and minimise risks. New uncertainties generated by policies of US President Donald Trump have also led the EU to employ a balanced approach. The purpose is to smoothly navigate between American security demands and Chinese technological attraction. The EU toolbox to secure 5G networks constitutes a remarkable example. Additionally, the ongoing pandemic is offering a new opportunity of revisiting Sino-European relations as the 2020 virtual EU-China Summit outlined. 

This special issue of L’Europe en formation seeks to join the debate on Sino-European relations and discuss previous tendencies and future perspectives by also taking into account the impact of the ongoing pandemic.
Themes of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Experiences from the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative in EU-member states
  • The EU screening mechanism
  • The EU and security in South China Sea or in the Korean Peninsula
  • Chinese responses to EU-Asia Connectivity Strategy
  • The EU-China Investment Agreement
  • The impact of US President Donald Trump’s Presidency on Sino-European relations
  • The challenge of 5G networks and the triangle of EU-US-China
  • The 17+1 Initiative and Sino-European relations
  • COVID-19 and Sino-European relations

Deadline: 31 March

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