Call for Papers: “The Biden Administration and Transatlantic Relations”, Deadline October 15 (CIFE)

Joe Biden’s election in November 2020 brought a sigh of relief to most European leaders, and the new administration’s refrain that “America is back” was reassuring after the tumultuous years of the Trump administration. Some early initiatives met the European approval, not least the renewed commitment to combat climate change and embrace again multilateral institutions.

The new president’s personal background of decades-long involvement in US foreign policy, and the highly regarded team he picked to support him, was also seen as proof that the US would once more show appreciation of its European allies. Similarly, President Biden has shown himself willing to stand up to both Russia and China, and not follow his predecessor’s fond relationship with authoritarian strongmen. Yet, how deep is the Biden transformation of US foreign policy really? How far will he be able to push new priorities, and how much has the Trump years changed America’s overall strategic outlook? How deep is the US’s newly rediscovered commitment to fighting climate change and embracing free markets? And is the NATO alliance really on a secure footing once more, simply through a change of US president?

This thematic issue of “L’Europe en Formation” will examine questions such as these; it will evaluate the early Biden administration, and what impact it has had on transatlantic relations, as well as what these early tendencies augur for the future relationship.

Abstracts of paper proposals can be submitted in English or French. Deadline for abstracts (approximately 300 words): 15 October 2021. Send your abstract, a CV and a short description of your current position to  anna.dimitrova[at] and knielsen[at]

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