Call for Papers: The special issue of L’Europe en formation – The relations between the European Union and Africa (CIFE)

This special issue of L’Europe en formation (coordinated by Jean-Claude Vérez and Laurent Baechler) proposes a reflection and an analysis of the perspectives of the relationships between the EU and Africa, acknowledging they cannot be considered as homogeneous entities.

On the European side, growing nationalisms and populisms put in danger the integration process; on the African side, beyond the differences between the anglophone, francophone and lusophone areas, there are striking contrasts in terms of size of the countries, climatic regime, demographic (the Nigerian giant), economic (rentier countries, emerging ones, least developed ones) or political situation (Mali or Tunisia confronted to terrorism, ethnic divides, armed conflicts).

Contributions can address the following issues:
–    economic relationships and existing partnerships (including cooperation agreements)
–    defense and strategic relations
–    migration and demographic issues
–    diplomatic relationships and institutional rules
–    energy and environmental challenges

The contributions must be submitted by November 15, 2018 to the following addresses:

The scientific board of the Journal will select the papers by November 30 the latest. The publication is scheduled by the end of the year. Articles can be written in English or French. They must be around 6000 words long.

Thank you for sending your contributions together with a recent bibliography, in French or English.

You can find more information here.