Calls for papers: “The people in Atlantic”: biographies and connected histories (16 th to 19th century)

Deadline: 30 September 2018

The Atlantic History has become an important area of research in the last two decades, not only in History field but also in all social sciences and its domains. Far away from views that regarded centres and peripheries as unique places of power, global views have taken the Mediterranean, Atlantic or Indian Ocean as important geographical spaces of individual and collective dynamics, with important researches with transnational, trans-imperial and multicultural perspectives. These “Atlantic lives”, as Mark Meuwese (2014) has pointed and described as profoundly related with the development of merchant capitalism since the 17th century, cannot be restricted to high figures of bureaucracy and merchants of lower or higher position. Biographical studies are, therefore, a dimension that has conditions to surpass illusions and problems of this field, either for relations between structures and agents or to avoid overvaluation of trajectories and biographies, in wide comparative operations, or which set up connections. We invite the academic community to “think atlanticaly” as does Karen Ordahl Kupperman (2012), highlighting the importance of work experiences beyond national borders, and to think about individual or collective people trajectories, not only in the surroundings or centres, but also concerning those that are moving either for their political, economic or cultural experience.

 Romário Sampaio Basílio/ IPRI – Portuguese Institute of International Relations, NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal /; Eloy Abreu / State University of Maranhão, Brazil / .

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