CIFE Lunchtime Debate Online: “The EU after the German Constitutional Court’s ECB Ruling – What’s next?”, 19 June 2020 (CIFE)

The recent ECB-ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court struck like a lightning into the European political debate. The highest court of the largest EU member state challenges not only the ECB, but also the European Court of Justice, which it accuses of exceeding its competence. How will the clash between the German court and the European Court of Justice go on? How will the Commission react to this unprecedented provocation? Is the supremacy of EU law in danger? Will the ECB be able to continue exercising its mandate as an independent authority on monetary policy? Is the recent Franco-German proposition for a 500 billion recovery fund a response to the ruling? 

In the CIFE Lunchtime Debate, three distinguished experts coming from three different academic disciplines debate about the consequences of the ruling: Jacques Le Cacheux, Ingolf Pernice and Wolfgang Wessels.

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