Conference: “Citizenship and Political Development”, November 17-18 (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

In what ways are citizenship laws, electoral rights in migration contexts, and the many different types of political regimes and political institutions linked? At this conference we investigate global variation in inclusiveness of citizenship laws and franchise regulation. Papers look at how different political regimes construct their citizenship and electoral laws, and how these in turn reinforce or transform such regimes across countries and over time. They focus on processes of norm diffusion and electoral engineering and assess how inclusive democratic regimes are.

This conference has received funding from the EUI Research Council (project ‘Citizenship and Political Development: Membership Contestation and Liberal Norms around the World’) and the EUI Swiss Chair in Federalism, Democracy and International Governance in the context of research collaboration between GLOBALCIT and the Alfred Hirschman Center on Democracy, Geneva Graduate Institute.  

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