Past events at Clingendael Institute, Autumn 2013

clingendaelConference: “Communicating Europe: At Home in Tomorrow’s World”, 21 October 2013, Brussels

In this conference international experts argued that the EU myopically devoted too much of its public diplomacy resources to communicating with its own citizens. They presented ideas as to how the EU communication with external publics could be improved and indeed take center stage. Main topics for discussion with the public were European soft power, sub-national actors’ public diplomacy, member states and EEAS challenges in the field of European public diplomacy. The seminar was for policy makers, Brussels based officials, media, academics, and students with an interest in European public diplomacy.
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Seminar: “International Negotiations”, 12 to 15 November 2013, The Hague

In a globalising world the art of negotiating becomes ever more important. Growing interdependency has made negotiating an indispensable tool in the international political arena. Complex problems in the fields of economy, trade, energy, environment, politics and security require intensive international negotiations in a multilateral setting. Conducting such negotiations is a professional art. Therefore the Clingendael Institute offered a four days seminar on multilateral and cross-cultural negotiations with the primary objective to improve the participants insight into the negotiating process and their negotiation skills and techniques. Find more information on the event’s website.

Conference: “European Challenges: Democracy and Legitimacy of the EU”,  22 and 23 November 2013, Amsterdam

Together with SIB Amsterdam and Youth in Action, Clingendael organized the conference: European Challenges. Through lectures, debates, workshops and films it looked at the European Union in all its aspects: from the Eurozone to the Schengen Area, from foreign policy to agricultural policy and from the elections for the European parliament to the role of the media. Among several people of Clingendael Institute, speakers included economist and former SER-president Alexander Rinnooy Kan, former diplomat and politician Laurens Jan Brinkhorst and Tony Agotha, former spokesman of the Dutch Permanent Representation in Brussels. Find more information on the event’s website.