Conference: “EMU at 20: Quo Vadis?” (College of Europe Bruges)

On 15 March 2019, the Department of European Political and Governance Studies holds its annual Political Economy Conference to be held at 16 Verversdijk, 8000 Brugge. The title is “EMU at 20: Quo Vadis?”

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the annual political economy conference of the College of Europe’s Department of European Political and Governance Studies. Participants are invited to reflect on changes to euro area governance over the last decade in order to identify whether these changes have yielded their expected outcomes, which reforms remain in order to ensure a robust monetary union, and the political feasibility of such reforms. The evolution of the ECB and the establishment of banking union are the focus. Leading academics and practitioners will engage in a debate on the future of economic and monetary union.

Registrations for this event will be open until 11 March 2019 at 14:00.

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