Conference: “If picking and choosing were possible: The ideal post-Brexit partnership”, 23 January 2018, (IIA, Iceland)

This conference is part of a recently awarded Jean Monnet Projects grant. The project’s name is “Post-Brexit Europe: Lessons from the European Economic Area”.

The UK government’s stated objective in relation to Brexit is to ‘take back control’ and at the same time ensure as close access to the EU’s internal market as possible. What is the situation one year after the UK started the Brexit process (triggered Article 50)? We have invited UK experts to discuss the situation and the status of the negotiations. In addition we have brought together experts from the three EEA countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway to discuss the likely effects on the EEA countries. The conference is co-organised among ARENA (UiO), Institute of International Affairs (University of Iceland) and British Politics Society. The conference is open to all.