Conference on „Europe and the USA – Strategic Partners for the Future?”, 06-08 March 2013, Institut für Europäische Politik

In light of the shifting power relations after the end of the East-West-Divide of the Cold War transatlantic relations seemed to risk vanishing into increasing irrelevance. The expert workshop on “Europe and the USA – Strategic Partners for the Future?” that was organized by IEP in cooperation with the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung and the Asko Europa-Stiftung in Wildbad Kreuth 6-8 March 2013 tackled this issue by analyzing the strategic interests and security policy aims of these two partners. The future of this strategic partnership was discussed from various viewpoints by a group of very well known experts. Main topics of the discussion were energy security, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Mediterranean. See more information at