Conference, “UK Government and European Policies”, 18th of November 2010, Fondation Universitaire, Brussels.

The Conference “UK Government and European Policies” was jointly organised by the Federal Trust, London (website) and TEPSA, Brussels (website). The Conference took place at the Fondation Universitaire, rue d’Egmont, 11, Brussels.

The United Kingdom General Election of 2010 was held on the 6th of May. Only six days later the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats agreed on forming a coalition government. A few weeks before the election the Federal Trust and TEPSA jointly organised a conference on Britain, Europe and the upcoming British elections in London to reflect on the implications of that election for Britain’s European policy. Six months after the formation of the coalition government, the Federal Trust and TEPSA have organised a seminar in Brussels to analyse the new political reality in the UK and Britain’s (new) EU policy. The seminar has also shed light on the budget cuts recently presented by the Coalition Government and its stance on new EU initiatives in the financial sector. There were contributions from Mr Andrew Duff, Member of the European Parliament for the Liberal Democrats, on ‘Coalition, the cuts and Europe’; Sir Brian Unwin, KCB, Former President of the European Investment Bank, on ‘Money, the Coalition and the European Union’; and Mr Brendan Donnelly, Director Federal Trust, on ‘Britain and Europe: in, out, or semi-detached?’.

Programme of the conference is available at this link.

Report from the conference is available at this link.