TEPSA Brief: “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arctic”, Gisele M. Arruda and Lara Johannsdottir (IIA, Iceland)

TEPSA is happy to present its new policy brief “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arctic”, written by Gisele M. Arruda, a professor within the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and Lara Johannsdottir, a professor within the Environment and Natural Resources Graduate Programme, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Iceland.


External interests in the Arctic region have grown significantly during the past decade(s), due to climate change and the richness of natural resources and new shipping routes that are becoming accessible. This creates opportunities and challenges for societies and businesses in a region comprising of subsistence, mixed and market economies. To ensure responsible business conducts in the region a new CSR Arctic strategy has been proposed of which the main aspects are explained in this Brief.

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