Course: “Action for Annulment (Advanced): Procedural Aspects and Strategies”, October 11-12 (EIPA, Maastricht)

A sophisticated understanding of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) procedures, practices and case law is a quintessential element to successfully litigate before EU jurisdictions. During this highly practical course you will learn the insights and professional skills related to the annulment actions before EU courts, the only procedure where not only EU institutions and Member States but also private individuals can act and directly challenge EU acts before the CJEU.

The advanced course on the ‘Action for Annulment: Procedural Aspects and Strategies’ will enhance your knowledge on this fundamental procedure of EU law and on the acts that can be challenged before the CJUE.

What will you learn

You will become acquainted with the different procedural avenues that individuals can use to contest the legality of EU policies and acts (private vs public enforcement).

You will gain a professional insight into the action for annulment, the only procedure where private individuals are parties before the CJEU and can directly challenge EU acts.

The rules on legal standing applicable to private individuals will be studied and clarified; you will then understand in which instances you could become a party in EU judicial proceedings.

Through case law and policy illustrations, you will have the opportunity to discuss issues of admissibility in specific matters (e.g. merger control, state aid, anti-dumping, access to documents, public contracts).

The course will also provide you with guidance on how to present legal arguments during the written and the oral phase of the proceedings. Through the detailed discussion of the Rules of Procedure of the General Court, you will obtain answers to your questions on procedural issues such as submissions, interim measures and appeals which may be relevant during the action.

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