COVID-19 Response for Students at CIR (CIR, Slovenia)

During the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, Centre of International Relations and Chair of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (CIR) have put additional efforts into student motivation and psychological well-being. One of the activities introduced during the pandemic was the set of challenges for students and staff on the CIR Instagram profile, where students can present their different skills and talents and stay connected. Several categories have emerged, such as #CIRsgottalent, #CIRmasterchef, #CIRpets, and #workoutwithCIR. Students and professors also share highlights from Zoom meetings. These are not limited to online lectures but also include less formal talks about the online study process, coping mechanisms for isolation etc. The most popular activity on Instagram by far has been the #CIRanswersyourquestions category, though. In this category professors answer fun questions from students. Students report that such virtual socialising at times of social distancing helps them cope with the quarantine.