“Cyprus in the Tentacles of the Great Energy Game of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Turkish Blue Homeland”, Panayiotis Tilliros (CEIA, Cyprus)

The geopolitical and geoeconomic aspects of energy developments in the Levantine basin are of enormous importance, given the power vacuum that has emerged in the subsystem of international relations comprising the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. This is where Erdogan plays a tough poker game with the “blue homeland” doctrine. The superpowers (USA, Russia), as well as China with the Belt and Road Initiative (New silk road), are now openly involved in the energy game of the area. Erdogan is playing a zero-sum game on the geopolitical chessboard, taking advantage of Greek Turkophobia. What Greece has sown she is now reaping. If she had helped Cyprus in 1974, she would not have been confronting what she is now suffering. Nor would the defeat of the Imia episode have occurred in 1996, which accelerated the “graying” or disputing of the Aegean by Turkey. The Turks no longer take Greece seriously and unleash offensive insults, which could also be an occasion for war.

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