“Democracy, Truth and Opinion Influencers in the Age of Social Media”, Andrea Butruce (IAI, Italy)

Andrea Butruce, Democracy, Truth and Opinion Influencers in the Age of Social Media, IAI Commentaries, 19:52, IAI, September 2019.

The digital revolution has brought about a paradigm shift in the modalities of state-society relations and the very concept and functioning of democracy. Social media, in particular, has impacted the process of information sharing and gathering, now simply a click away, and influenced the perception of truth. While on the one hand this may satisfy growing calls for immediacy in democratic societies, which have grown disillusioned with long and uncertain decision-making times; on the other, the speed with which information is consulted and shared has fundamentally reduced critical thinking by users. In the most extreme of cases, the combination of speed, diffusion of information and the lack of appropriate monitoring and fact checking tools have distorted the distinction between true and false, fact and opinion.

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