“Designing Envelopes for Attention Policies”, Dominique Boullier (Sciences Po, France)

Boullier, Dominique. Designing Envelopes for Attention Policies. In Doyle, Michael W. and Roda, Claudia (eds.). Communication in an Era of Attention Scarcity. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, p. 63-73.

Starting from the idea of various regimes of attention means considering the variety of the dimensions of attention as a prerequisite to understand these processes. Too often, models are based on an essentialist vision of attention and not a pluralistic one, despite the works of cognitive science scholars (for instance, “priming” has been well defined). Too often and quite recently, “attention” obtains a status of principle, which manipulates all situations around itself, about the new value that is created through these economic processes (as Goldhaber (1997) mentioned in his pioneering papers following the traces of Simon). The chapter accounts for these economical views of attention and then for the philosophical one before getting back to a more detailed empirical analysis of these regimes of attention, from urban settings to digital platforms and videogames.

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