DiCE Regional Assemblies: what do regional and local governments think of differentiated integration?

DiCE Regional Assemblies are small expert workshops gathering representatives from the regional and local governments of 7 EU member states, which aim to discuss the different policy scenarios and recommendations that have been developed by the DiCE project cluster and to reflect on their potential implications for policy-making at the sub-national level of governance.

Participants can find below some preparatory materials for the workshop:

The DiCE Regional Assemblies are organised by TEPSA in cooperation with some its member institutes in the countries concerned. They will take place between March and June 2022 in the following countries:

SlovakiaOrganised in cooperation with the Institute for European Studies and International Relations at Comenius University – see agenda5 May 2022
BulgariaOrganised in cooperation with the New Bulgarian University – see agenda12 May 2022
GermanyOrganised in cooperation with the Institut für Europäische Politik – see agenda16 May 2022
CroatiaOrganised in cooperation with the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) – see agenda1 June 2022
ItalyOrganised in cooperation with the Istituto Affari Internazionali – see agenda14 June 2022
PortugalOrganised in cooperation with the Portuguese Institute for International Relations at NOVA University of Lisbon – see agenda27 September 2022
PolandOrganised in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University – see agenda30 September 2022

Click here to download the report of the events.

The DiCE project cluster comprises three Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation projects on differentiated integration:
EU3D – EU Differentiation, Dominance and Democracy
EU IDEA – EU Integration and Differentiation for Effectiveness and Accountability
InDivEU – Integrating Diversity in the European Union
More information can be found at: https://www.dice.uio.no/