DiCE Townhall: “Should Flexibility and Multi-Speed Europe Become the Norm in European Integration?”, November 11

In the framework of the project ‘DiCE – Differentiation: Clustering Excellence’, on 11 November 2022, the Institute of International Relations Prague in cooperation with the Prague European Summit and Trans European Policy Study Association will organize a Townhall Meeting titled ‘Should flexibility and multi-speed Europe become the norm in European integration?’

In the past several years, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, and leaders of other member states proposed their visions for the future of European integration as well as the wider European region. Some speak of creating a European political community as a framework for EU members and democratic non-members of the EU to discuss shared interests. The first meeting of the European Political Community took place in Prague in early October. Other arguments concern more efficient policymaking in the EU foreign and security policy via the introduction of majority voting or allowing the group of EU member states to act on behalf of others in this field.

Participants in this debate will reflect upon those proposals regarding the future of European integration and address the following questions:

  • Should the EU, with a view of possible prospective enlargements, go in the way of promoting multi-speed integration?
  • Can forms of flexible integration, such as lead groups in which several member states act on behalf of the EU in foreign policy, enable a European response in the context of urgent challenges and thus drive the EU into common action?
  • Or does multi-speed Europe spur fragmentation and lead to disintegration?
  • Should majority voting be gradually introduced in the fields currently decided by unanimity?

The debate will include several panelists:

  • Steven Blockmans, Director of Research at the Centre for European Policy Studies;
  • Marek Havrda, Deputy Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic;
  • Tyyne Karjalainen, Researcher at the Finish Institute of International Affairs and member of the DiCE project;
  • Jan Kovář, Deputy Research Director of the Institute of International Relations of Prague;
  • Orsolya Ráczová, Deputy Research Director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute think tank.

The discussion will be moderated by Zdeňka Trachtová from Czech Radio.

Register to attend here.