WATCH: “Digital Trade Integration: Global Trends”, Martina Ferracane | TEPSA Explainers

“We need more empirical research to inform policy makers when they do regulation on digital trade. This is important because these policies need to achieve their objectives, so they need to protect privacy and security of citizens, but also we have to avoid that these policies become a restriction for companies or on an open internet.”

In this TEPSA Explainer, Martina Ferracane, a Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute, talks about digital trade regulation, a very important subject for all of us because it affects the way in which the internet works and therefore, the way in which we use the internet to work, to buy goods or services online, or just for leisure. The video is based on a TEPSA Brief of the same name, which you can read here.

TEPSA Explainers are short videos elaborating on key issues in European affairs according to the expertise of the contributor.