Discover the VIADUCT network: ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo

The ARENA Centre for European Studies is a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oslo. The centre is internationally recognised as a leading research community engaged in the examination of the processes of political change in Europe.

ARENA’s staff, currently about 20 fulltime and part-time researchers and 10 PhD fellows, conducts theoretically founded, cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge research in areas such as legitimacy and democracy, organizational and institutional developments, constitutionalism, foreign and security policy, EU neighborhood policy, gender democracy, media, civil society, and the public sphere.

The staff has received numerous awards and recognitions for their ground-breaking theoretical and empirical contributions to knowledge. For example, the concept ‘Europeanisation’ was coined by ARENA founder Johan P. Olsen. ARENA is the leading social science research group in Norway in terms of producing high-impact peer-review publications and was in 2018 awarded the top grade in the Research Council of Norway’s national evaluation of all social science research groups.

ARENA is involved as a partner in a great number of international projects and networks, among them VIADUCT, and currently coordinates three Horizon 2020 projects.

ARENA website:
Facebook: @arena.uio or
Twitter: @arena_uio or
VIADUCT contact persons at ARENA: Prof. John Erik Fossum (research) and Senior Executive Officer Mads A. Danielsen (administration)

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