Discover the VIADUCT Network: Centre of International Relations (CIR), University of Ljubljana

Established in 1981, the Centre of International Relations (CIR) is an integral part of the Institute of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. CIR is one of the central national and regional institutes providing expertise in the fields of International Relations, European Integration and International Economy.  The research centre is headed by Prof. Dr. Maja Bučar and consists of more than 20 members. CIR members research provides the basis for the conduct of graduate and undergraduate courses of the study programmes in International Relations and European Studies (undergraduate), as well as International Relations, Diplomacy, Security Studies and European Studies (postgraduate). CIR members also teach within international inter-university graduate programmes.

CIR has a history of national and international partnerships and cooperation in the areas of research, publishing, organising conferences and workshops, national and international consulting and performing other professional activities in the field of international relations either with similar institutions or other public and private actors. In addition to being a VIADUCT member, CIR is a member of TEPSA, WISC, EADI and EUROMESCO. Individual CIR researchers are members of and hold positions in a number of international associations, such as the Standing Group on International Relations of the ECPR, CEEISA, RESER, ISA, ECSA, EIBA, IPSA, ILA etc.

CIR also issues several publications: the CIR Analyses and the Acta Diplomatica collections, as well as the Journal of International Relations and Development (an official journal of the Central and East European International Studies Association), which is published in cooperation with Palgrave. Furthermore, CIR is also present on dissemination platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Research activities at CIR are conducted on daily basis and follow the logic of one person being responsible for one project. In this regard, the responsible one for VIADUCT activities is Faris Kočan.

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