Discover the VIADUCT Network: Danish Institute for International Studies

DIIS (Danish Institute for International Studies) was founded in 2002 and is an independent public research institution for international studies. The four areas of focus are globalization, security, development and foreign policy, and within these areas we aim to be agenda-setting in research, policy and public debate. The institute relies on multidisciplinary research and is involved in academic networks and contributes to the information of the Danish and general public on different relevant policies. In addition to submitting academic articles to journals, the institute also holds public seminars where topics are discussed by DIIS staff and external experts.

The institute has about 100 employees with different academic backgrounds including international development, anthropology, sociology, and military studies. As part of their work, DIIS researchers carry out policy-relevant and policy-oriented research within their disciplines. Through partnerships and collaboration with a number of practitioners from relevant ministries and other academic institutions around the world, DIIS aims to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied research. In addition to public seminars and journal articles, DIIS’ research output consists of policy briefs, working papers, commentaries, and book chapters.

DIIS’ research areas are defined on the basis of what DIIS researchers find to be current areas of special interest, and in relation to the surrounding societal and political context. We do basic research, research-based consultancy and commissioned work. Commissioned policy work can be requested by the Danish parliament, its ministries, NGOs and other clients. DIIS researchers’ different academic and professional backgrounds, combined with a flexible organisational structure, make it possible for the institute to adapt smoothly to current trends without losing the continuity necessary for long-term studies, and also enable the institute to conduct valuable multidisciplinary studies.

The board, constituted of nine members and two observers, is formed mostly by members from academia (representing Danish universities). The board is also responsible for appointing the director, who is responsible of the day-to-day management of the Institute. There are five thematic departments: Peace, Risk and Violence; Global Regulation; International Security; Natural Resources and Development; and Foreign Policy. An internal research committee provides advice on strategic research planning.

People responsible for VIADUCT activities: Cynthia Murillo, Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke





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