Discover the VIADUCT Network: Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO)

The Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) is a public research institute established in 1963 by the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. IRMO conducts research mainly in the fields of social sciences, especially economics, political science, sociology and other related disciplines. Its research is interdisciplinary and principally focused on the topics of: European integration, international economic and political relations, foreign and security policy, resource economic and environmental policy, energy policy and climate changes, competitiveness, regional policy, as well as culture and communication. The fundamental mission of the Institute is developing and disseminating theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge and skills required for scientific and professional interpretation and evaluation of contemporary international relations which affect various human activities and related developmental trends important for Croatia.

The work of IRMO is structured around three main program lines established within the Institute’s Development Strategy: i) international political relations and security, ii) international framework for economic development, integration and cooperation, iii) culture, communication and media aspects of international relations. The topics developed within the program line “international political relations and security” are devoted to alaysing the Croatian position with respect to global and regional political challenges and the various aspects of national security. The program line “international framework for economic development integration and cooperation” concerns European integration and regional cooperation initiatives, EU cohesion policy and the environmental aspects of Croatia’s development as well as aspects of economic restructuring and competitiveness. The “culture, communication and media aspects of international relations” program line researches interrelationships of globalization and local cultural changes as well as communication and media features of contemporary social processes.

IRMO provides a scientific base and expertise for the forming and implementation of public polices in numerous areas which are relevant for Croatia’s development. The institute frequently organizes public events such as lectures, seminars conferences and specialist training programs. The results of these activities are broadly disseminated in numerous publications, which are largely accessible on IRMO’s website.

IRMO is financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports as well as by different international foundations and other sources on a project basis. The most important project contractors are the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe, World Bank, UNDP, UNESCO, NATO and other international organisations, as well as national ministries, local and regional self-administration units and economic entities. The research-oriented projects of the institute have been supported through the EC programmes such as ERASMUS+, Jean Monnet, FP7, PHARE, and IPA.

 Person responsible for VIADUCT activities: Senada Šelo Šabić, Senior Research Associate, IRMO


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