Discover the VIADUCT Network: Institute of European Studies and International Relations – Comenius University Bratislava

The Institute of European Studies and International Relations (IESIR) builds on the legacy of the Department of Political Science founded by Prof. Miroslav Kusý at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in 1990. In addition to that, the direct predecessor of IESIR was the Centre of European Studies, founded as a multidisciplinary research centre at Comenius University in 1998. In its present form, IESIR was established at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University in 2001. As part of its institutional structure, IESIR also hosts the UNESCO Chair for human rights education (the oldest one in the world, established in 1992).

The faculty members of IESIR have a multidisciplinary background in political science, sociology, international relations, organisation studies, history, law, economics, diplomacy, and philosophy. Internal and external members of the IESIR are well experienced due to their studies and visiting fellowships at the leading international research institutions. IESIR has an active research agenda in European studies and international relations and participates in a number of international research projects. The Institute also actively cooperates with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conducting research and organising conferences.

IESIR offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in European Studies. It also offers a PhD programme in European Studies and Politics. Most of the courses at IESIR are offered in English by Slovak and international lecturers. Students can upon direct agreement with the lecturers to conduct their research in other than English or Slovak language. IESIR became regular member of TEPSA in 2012. In 2016, IESIR hosted the TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference.

The main research activities of the IESIR involve the following areas: dynamics in diplomacy in the context of European integration; EU foreign policy; changes in the Transatlantic security architecture; the role of institutions in political life; comparative research on democratisation, political values – Slovakia between West and East, political cultures and identities; political symbolism; communication; prejudices, minority questions.

It publishes articles on contemporary world politics and the global political economy from a variety of methodologies and approaches.


Person responsible for VIADUCT activitiesLucia MokráDean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University

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