Discover the VIADUCT Network: Institute of International Relations and Political Science (IIRPS), Vilnius University

The Institute of International Relations and Political Science (IIRPS) is an academic institution specializing in social and political sciences. IIRPS holds a faculty status at Vilnius University, one of the oldest and most famous establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe which was founded in 1579.

IIRPS has been present in the academic and political life of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic region since its establishment in 1992. IIRPS has achieved a wide range of academic accomplishments and seeks to contribute to the development of political science in Lithuania by conducting original and valuable research, disseminating its results to the academic community, policy makers and all those interested in political life. IIRPS can boast a rich tradition of hosting high level politicians, diplomats and distinguished speakers at its premises.

While first focusing mostly on educating the future members of Lithuanian diplomatic corps, the Institute has gradually enlarged its focus to educating people with a wider range of knowledge to work in public administration, non governmental and private institutions.

IIRPS conducts three-level studies: BA in Political Science and six MA programs: International Relations and Diplomacy, European Studies, Studies of Contemporary Politics, Public Policy Analysis, Politics and Media and Eastern European and Russian Studies (the latter taught in English). It also conducts full time and external PhD studies.

The Institute has gathered a number of prominent experts on national, European and international politics who are renowned for their competent and original public commentaries, expert knowledge and professional experience. Experts conduct both critical analysis of contemporary social science issues, political philosophy, international relations, and policy oriented research. They have contributed extensively to the analysis of Lithuania’s accession into the EU and NATO and its role in these organizations and other international structures; the country’s relationships with its neighbours in the region, including Nordic-Baltic countries, Poland as well as Eastern partners. The institute’s experts also focused on Lithuania’s contribution to European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), encouraging primarily Ukraine and Georgia as Eastern neighbours to build stabilization, security and prosperity, in line with the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy.

EU-Turkish relations are discussed at the IIRPS within the framework of teaching and research activities of the Asian African and Latin American Studies Center (AALASC) established at IIRPS. This Center provides both IIRPS and VU students with several courses on the Middle East and Islamic studies tangling issue of Turkey-EU relations and topics relevant to it.

Person responsible for VIADUCT Activities (Guest Lectures): Dr Ieva Koreivaite, researcher at IIRPS

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