Discover the VIADUCT Network: Institute of Political Science, University of Luxembourg

The Institute of Political Science of the University of Luxembourg provides a methodologically pluralist and distinctively multilingual environment in which to pursue research into politics and governance. The Institute of Political Science has a strong focus on research with an emphasis on doctoral training and an MA in European Governance. The Institute is part of the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education. It is specialized on European and EU governance.

Key areas include:
• The institutions and policies of the European Union
• Europeanization
• European Union economic governance
• Human rights
• Post-conflict politics
• Multi-level governance and federalism
• Parliamentarism and legislative studies

The members of the Political Science Institute are active in the University’s Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs (RSI). The RSI is an EU-funded Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence that brings together lawyers, economists, historians and political scientists and regularly organizes academic workshops and outreach events on the EU’s internal and external policies and its future development.


Main contact person for VIADUCT activities: Dr Anna-Lena Högenauer

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