Discover the VIADUCT Network: Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI-NOVA)

The Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI-NOVA) is an academic research institute founded in 2003 by the NOVA University of Lisbon, the Luso-American Foundation for Development (FLAD) and the Orient Foundation, with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. IPRI-NOVA integrates also, since 2012, enterprises such as MillenniumBCP Foundation, EDP Foundation, BPI and REN. It has been recognized as a Public Utility Institution since 1 October 2010 for services rendered to the community in the field of culture, through the promotion of academic research in political science and international relations within a multidisciplinary framework.

As an Institute dedicated to advanced studies in Political Science and International Relations, IPRI-NOVA defines itself as a structured and integrated project around three fundamental axes: scientific research; specialized training (doctoral and post-doctoral programmes); and knowledge transfer and social value creation. As regards research, IPRI-NOVA cultivates excellence and wishes to be acknowledged by the quality of its theoretical research, the relevance of its empirical studies and its commitment to the western values and epistemologies. The Institute also aims to promote dialogue and inter- and trans-disciplinary projects involving other areas of knowledge.

As regards training, in close collaboration with the Political Studies Department of NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH), IPRI-NOVA promotes a policy of advanced training that integrates teaching/research and also incorporates the doctoral and post-doctoral students in its research projects. Regarding knowledge transfer and social value creation domain, IPRI-NOVA’s scientific agenda is defined by fundamental research, but when the knowledge produced may be socially useful, the Institute has a policy of knowledge transfer, making it available to the society as a public good. Bearing this in mind, IPRI-NOVA promotes oriented research and applied knowledge, and has developed a relationship with the public policymaking and to the demands and challenges of contemporary society. This has been evinced by the support to decision-making, in public policies or in the entrepreneurial sector, as well as, in its presence in the media (newspapers, radio, TV) and the publishing of the quarterly academic journal R:I.

Name of people responsible for VIADUCT activities: Prof. Dr. Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, and Prof. Dr. Ana Santos Pinto






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