Discover the VIADUCT Network: Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)

UI is an independent platform for research, analysis and information on international relations and foreign policy.

Our vision

UI should be an indispensable source for those who seek to deepen their knowledge about international relations, foreign affairs and the world. Furthermore, UI wants to create an open conversation about international relations, a conversation founded on research and analysis.

Our mission

The Institute’s mission is to inform and enrich the public debate by promoting interest in and knowledge of international relations and foreign policy. This mission is pursued through our research, seminars and by presence in the media.

What we do

The Institute conducts academic and policy-focused research and its experts include researchers and analysts specialized in field of international relations and foreign policy. UI’s research is based on unbiased scientific analysis.

While maintaining a broad perspective, UI focuses on foreign and security policy issues of special relevance to Sweden. Areas of expertise are covered in our programmes, being Europe, Russia and Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Asia and Global Politics and Security. Research and analysis on Turkey is conducted in both MENA and the European programme.

The Institute contributes to the dissemination of knowledge of international relations, foreign policy and conditions in countries around the world:

  • through the Institute’s experts participating in leading international networks and projects on international relations in Europe and beyond, enhancing external projection and outreach;
  • through the organization of lectures and seminars;
  • through its online forum for opinion and analysis
  • via presence in the media
  • through producing articles, publications, journals and papers.

Higher education is an important pillar of the Institute, where UI publications and the online portal caters fact-checked material to high-schools, universities and libraries in Sweden. 

The Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 1938. As an organization, UI does not take a stand on policy issues. The parent body of the institute is Utrikespolitiska samfundet (The Swedish Society for International Affairs). 

Name of person responsible for VIADUCT activities: Aras Lindh




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