Distinction for Pierre Lascoumes, CNRS research director at Sciences Po, CEE


Pierre Lascoumes, CNRS research director at Sciences Po, CEE, named a qualified member to the Board of Administration at the Institute de Vieille Sanitaire.

The Institue de Vieille Sanitaire is led by the general director, Dr. Françoise Weber, who is assited by an assistant general director and an assistant scientific director. The institute is composed of multiple departments and services, and also is home to a regional network, the Cellules interrégionales d’épidémiologie (Cire: Cooperation of interregional epidemiology centres). The board of administration at the Institute includes 23 members (of which 11 are representatives of the State) decides the general strategies of the Institute, its activity programme, and the human and financial resources necessary to achieve these goals. Additionally, the governing Scientific Counsel of 17 members is responsible for ensuring the consistency of the scientific policy of the Institute, and also the Technology and Ethics Committee.